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Camping Municipal de Wasselonne

Camping Municipal de Wasselonne

Great East - 67310 WASSELONNE - 100 parcela - 12 alquileres

Camping site from Wasselonne **

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Wasselonne is a touristic centre which is located 25 KM to the west of Strasbourg. Its wonderful landscapes are near the Vosges (mountains) and at the start of the Rhine plain. Wasselonne deserves a stay. The camping-site is about 1,2 km from the town centre and belongs to the leisure complex which includes: Camping places, 12 bungalows included some bungalows for persons who have problems of mobility, a free heated swimming-pool for the campers, 4 outside tennis courts (with participation), 1 inside tennis court (with participation), 1 bowls ground (pétanque), 1 sports ground, 1 fitness trail (nearby), ping pong facilities, ...


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