A tradition of quality

A tradition of quality in campsites in France

Unique quality open to and for everyone

At the end of the 1980s, many different quality labels were created in several regions on the initiative of professionals, consumers or tourist bodies, and offered to campsites.

In 1999, in view of the huge number of different labels and the confusion this could cause, the French National Outdoor Accommodation Federation (FNHPA), representing the industry, and the French Federation of Campers, Caravanners and Motorhome Owners (FFCC), representing campers, took the initiative to get together and create a single quality charter.

This approach set itself two targets

  • That all French campsites, irrespective of size, category or location, would be able to sign up
  • That the approach would help develop the quality of French outdoor accommodation

Key dates

  • 16 June 1999: the FNHPA and the FFCC signed the articles of the national Camping Qualité association, the first time such a body had sought to rally professionals and consumers around the same quality standards. 427 campsites were audited at this point and were able to participate in the approach successfully
  • 26 September 2001: Filing of the French trademark
  • Since 2001: signature of annual conventions with the Ministry of Tourism
  • 26 March 2002: Filing of the EU trademark
  • 19 June 2002: signature of a convention with the commercial chain « Les Castels »
  • Autumn 2002: launch of a specific 3-year publicity campaign
  • 11 April 2003: Camping Qualité committed to the ‘Bonjour’ campaign! « Bonjour ! » (Hello !)
  • 24 June 2003: signature of a convention with the French National Tourist Information Offices Association
  • 17 June 2004: signature of a convention with the French National Departmental Tourism Committees Federation
  • 29 November 2004: signature of a convention with the Ministry of Tourism as part of the Qualité France plan
  • 28 June 2005: signature of an Operating Agreement for the implementation of the Plan Qualité Tourisme with Mr Léon BERTRAND, the Tourism Minister, granting access to the ‘Qualité Tourisme’ trademark to all campsites signed up to the Camping Qualité approach (updated on 19 June 2008)
  • January 6, 2006: Signature of the agreement with the Assembly of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ACFCI),
  • September 2014: Launch of the website: An online sales platform which does not retain any commission and does not go through any intermediary,
  • October 2018: Implementation of a new strategy aimed at professionalizing campsite managers while respecting their autonomy by offering them courses capitalizing on knowledge and experience,
  • April 2021: Addition of a 6th chapter “Affirmed eco-responsibility” and updating of the audit grid.
  • January 2022: Signature of a partnership with the campsite chain “Les Castels” which joins the label.
  • September 2022: Deployment of the member support strategy with the addition of a day of 360° strategic audit of the company included in the membership.
  • Fall 2023: Launch of training courses in collaboration with the AFDAS.


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