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Camping Qualité, the quality label for campsites in France

Camping Qualité is a non-profit association under the 1901 French law. Since 1999, it has worked towards improving the quality of Open Air Accommodation, in accordance with a unique quality charter recognised by professionals, tourist institutions and the French Federation of Camping and Caravanning: the only official quality approach in France.

Over 300 French campsites adopt this quality approach and commit to 665 criteria which are centred around 5 main areas:

A warm welcomeimpeccable cleanlinesstrue and accurate informationprivate and well-cared for pitches, and environmental protection.

Each campsite is assessed every 3 years by a private and independent audit firm.

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By booking your trip through our website, you are booking a quality stay directly from your chosen Camping Qualité certified campsite, with no hidden extras.


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web site : www.campingqualite.com

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