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 Camping Qualité fully-fitted rentals

The Camping Qualité tool means non-stop progress and improvement for campsite managers. For you, it represents a guarantee of the quality of your chosen rental. The assessment grid criteria concern both the rental property itself and your pitch.

All of our mobile homes, furnished tents and chalets are checked regularly in independent audits to ensure no dilapidation or neglect. A private outdoor area is reserved just for you, perfect for relaxation on the terrace equipped with garden furniture. Guaranteed privacy, free from visual or sound pollution and odours.

What is the point of a furnished rental if the equipment is faulty? There is nothing more annoying than a bulb that doesn’t work or a missing plate! Household appliances and cooking equipment will enable you to cook up some delicious treats!

What really makes a difference is that, when something goes wrong, we do everything we can to ensure a swift repair.

Cleanliness and hygiene are thoroughly monitored, including mattresses, blankets, curtains, net curtains, toilets and bathrooms. Your property will have been cleaned for your arrival.

Accurate information is essential in building up a relationship of trust. Whatever rental you choose (mobile home, furnished tent or chalet), you will be able to consult a plan and a full inventory of all the equipment.

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