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Camping Du Banel

Camping Du Banel - Frankreich

Champagne-Ardenne 08110 matton-et-clémency 0 Stellplätze 0 Mietunterkünfte

The Banel site combines the environment of the French Ardennes, with its rich history on both sides of the border, and a modern infrastructure offering a wide range of possible activities.

Each plot has its own private sanitary facilities with hot water.

Under the gentle warmth of the autumn sun, with the crunch of dead leaves underfoot, you can take pleasure in gathering mushrooms. In winter you can discover the pleasures of cross-country skiing.

Nature at its best!

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Camping Du Banel

13 route du banel

08110 matton-et-clémency

+33 (0)3 24 27 15 89

Fax +33 (0)3 24 26 55 61

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